Temperature sensor type – BC / BCC

Product description


  • Temperature sensor for measuring high temperatures in large ovens and channels for flue gases and air
  • Field of application: up to 1700 °C (depending on thermo couple)
  • Usually applied in: tile works, refuse disposal plants, processing plants
  • Thermo couple thermometer type J, K, N, R, S or B in acc. with DIN IEC 584-1
  • Constructed in accordance with DIN 43733
  • Measuring inset: fixed
  • Process attachment: adjustable flange or coupling
  • Gas-proof ceramic internal tube protects thermo couple against pollution
  • Outer protective sheath: heat-proof steel
  • Modular construction and standard length minimizes the number of spare parts
  • Can be delivered with head mounted transmitter
  • Approved by: GOST