Temperature sensor type – RST/TST – M

Product description



Temperature sensor for stern tubes. The RST/TST – M is a stern tube bearing sensor.
Mechanical connection: 2 adjustable couplings

10 RST-M

• Pt100 resistance thermometer in acc. with DIN IEC 751
• Measuring insert: fixed
• Mechanical and thermal stress in accordance with DIN 43763
• Process attachment: adjustable coupling
• Constructed so as to have the greatest possible accuracy and durability during demanding operating conditions that means:
– It is robust
– It is flexible/ bendable (do not bend the first 50mm!)
– It has a quick reaction time
• Outer protective sheath: acid-proof steel
• IP67
• Electrical connection: connection box
• Mechanical connection: 2 adjustable couplings
• Marine approved by: DNV, LR, GL, NK, RINA, ABS and BV