Temperature sensor type – AUI

Product description



Temperature sensor for measuring temperatures in closed pipelines and containers with gaseous or liquid media, e.g. air, steam, gas, water or oil.

Field of application: up to 600°C, max 50bar and media velocities of up to 25m/sec

Typically applied in:

    • processing plants
    • power plants
    • district heating
    • energy distribution
  • Temperature sensor Pt100 and Pt1000 in acc. with DIN IEC EN 60751
  • Thermocouple in acc. with DIN IEC 584-1
  • Mechanical and thermal stress in accordance with DIN 43763
  • Process attachment: adjustable coupling, thermowell or flange
  • Measuring inset: fixed, short reaction time
  • Outer protective sheath: stainless acid-proof steel
  • Modular construction and standard length minimizes the number of spare parts
  • Can be delivered with head mounted transmitter