Multi-spot temperature sensor type – RST-TS

Product description



The RT-RST-TS is a multi-spot temperature sensor for measuring the average temperatures primarily in stationary tank systems
The RT-RST-TS is used for measuring the average temperatures, primarily in stationary tank systems, with requirements to the tolerance and the response time of the temperature measurement.
The RT-RST-TS is often used in connection with measuring of volume in e.g. oil or bitumen or for estimating the accumulated energy in bulk storing tanks.

Multi-Spot Temperature sensor
  • The measuring elements are in accordance with IEC 751. Min. 150 mm from bottom of the sensor to the first spot.
  •  Flex tube of stainless steel or Nylon 12, standard 1″.
  •  Accessories: Flanges, weights, terminal boxes and transmitters.