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Temperature transmitter type TT - 5332D EEX

Product description

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Temperature linearised measurement with Pt100…Pt1000 or Ni100… Ni1000

Conversion of linear resistance change to standard analogous current signal, e.g. from valves or ohmic level sensors

Temperature transmitter type TT - 5332D EEX


  • High measurement accuracy
  • RTD- 2, 3, or 4 conductor attachment
  • The RTD and resistance inputs have cable compensation for 3 conductor attachments
  • Programmable sensor error value
  • Can be programmed within a few seconds by 2-way configuration (Windows), to measure temperatures within all RTD ranges definedby the norms
  • TAG No: 15 character configurable
  • Degree of protection (case/clamp): IP68 / IP00
  • Measurements: Ø44 x 20.2mm
  • Mounting/ installation: For DIN form B sensor head mounting